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LC99 特別講演

12/17 9:30〜12:00

特別講演 1:Jeremy Allison

Jeremy Allison 氏について

Jeremy Allison is one of the lead developers on the Samba Team, a group of programmers developing an Open Source Windows(tm) compatible file and print server product for UNIX systems. Developed over the Internet in a distributed mannor similar to the Linux system, Samba is used by Multinational corporations and Educational establishments worldwide. Jeremy handles the release engineering and the co-ordination of Samba development efforts worldwide and acts as a corporate liason to companies using the Samba code commercially.

The main Samba Web site is :


With a wide background in UNIX and Windows NT systems, Jeremy has been working on Samba since its origin in 1993.

Jeremy has been working on UNIX systems since 1986. His postions include Sun, where he worked as a Windowing engineer, supporting the OpenLook intrinsics toolkit, XView, and the Sun X server.

Vantive, where as the Network Architect he ported the Vantive server and client products to Windows NT.

Cygnus, where he created the fist Windows NT port of the MIT Kerberos 5 Network Security system and worked on the internals of Cygwin32 - the POSIX on NT library

Whistle communications, the first company to fund him to work on Samba.

SGI, who were the first major UNIX vendor to produce a commercially supported product based on the Samba code and employed Jeremy full time to maintain and extend the Samba code, in standalone and cluster configurations.

He now works for VA Linux Systems Professional Services Division, who fund him to work full-time on improving Samba and solving the problems of Windows and Linux interoperability.

特別講演 2:Dirk Hohndel

Dirk Hohndel氏について

Dirk Hohndel is Vice President of Strategic Development of SuSE Linux AG, a leader for Linux based operating systems and services. He is responsible for the strategic direction of development of SuSE Linux. Dirk has worked for SuSE in various positions, both as an employee and as an independent consultant continuously since 1994.

In addition to his work as Vice President of SuSE Linux AG Dirk is CEO of SuSE Rhein/Main AG, a subsidary of SuSE that provides professional services and consulting in the Frankfurt/Main area.

He also serves as Vice President of The XFree86 Project, Inc., a non-profit corporation that provides an Open Source implementation of the X Window System on PC Unix systems like Linux.

Prior to his current position at SuSE, Dirk was Unix Architect at Deutsche Bank AG, one of the leading global financial institutions. He was responsible for the Unix strategy at Deutsche Bank and was part of the purchasing decision process in all large Unix projects at the bank. As a project manager he was responsible for a second generation automated installation and configuration tool for computers running various Unix derivatives.

Before joining Deutsche Bank, Dirk was Senior Software Engineer for AIB Software Corporation (which was then acquired by PLATINUM technology). Here his duties extended across the complete product cycle of a new productivity tool for software development. He played key roles in design, implementation, documentation and productization.

Dirk Hohndel holds a Diploma in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Wurzburg, Germany. He is married and lives near Frankfurt, Germany.

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